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Dr Joshua Le, DO

Dr. Joshua Le, DO is a board-certified physician with an in-depth knowledge and diverse background in medicine. He is experienced with in-patient clinical practice, out-patient home care, hospitalized care, and critical illness care for patients on life support

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New Seattle Clinic

Our new primary care clinic and image medical aesthetics center opens October 2022

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Our Direct Primary Care physician services including in-clinic ambulatory visits, home care visits, discounted labs, direct medications dispensed in clinic, vaccines, and non-member walk-ins. 

Our medical aesthetics Image services including Botox cosmetic injectables. Botox is an FDA-approved, injectable treatment that rejuvenates the skin by smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and brow creases for a more youthful, radiant appearance.

Primary Services

(18+ Ambulatory)

Time: 30 minute 

Unlimited access to provider by video / phone / text / emails (while I am awake and within reasonable limits). Includes in-person visits scheduled same day (within clinic hours) or in 1-2 days. Medications / vaccines / imaging will incur additional costs but will be contracted at a much discounted rates compared to a traditional medical clinic. This is service is not appropriate for immobile wheelchair bound or bed bound patients.

(18+ Ambulatory)

Time: 60 minute

Free Check Up

Additional Services

Home Visits

Time: 30 minute 

Bed bound, wheelchair bound, medically complex such as requiring tracheostomy / ventilator / infusions, daily / continuous nursing care. or by personal preference. Please have all relevant medical charts available along with most recent medication lists, recent hospitalization records, etc.

Driving Distance

Time: 60 minute

For traveling to outside of King County

Micro Needling

Micro-needling is the latest in skin revitalizing facial treatment that offers a safe alternative to common skin resurfacing tools, such as lasers and dermal rollers. Micro-needling not only helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but also smooth uneven skin tone and reduce or eliminate acne scars.
Improving your skin’s overall appearance and give yourself a fresher, younger look today.

Ancillary Services

Discounted Labs & Imaging

Time: 30 minute 

Contracted with local suppliers at a much cheaper rate for self-pay patients.

Direct Medications Dispensed By Clinic

Time: 60 minute

Basic Rx medications (blood pressure, antibiotics, etc) that is often cheaper than copays at regular pharmacies. Not for controlled substances or exclusive meds. This is offered for pure convenience of our patients (not for profit). 


Time: 30 minute 

Per national guidelines. Will be provided essential at cost for patient’s convenience.

Radiology Imaging

Time: 60 minute 

Contracted with local Imaging center at a much cheaper rate for self-pay patients. Insurance can be involve for case-by-case basis for patients who also has health insurance.

Extended driving fee

Time: 60 minute

50$ for per visit outside of King County and within reasonable driving limits.

Aesthetic Services


Time: 30 minute 

Restore your skin’s natural, youthful look with FDA-approved Botox Cosmetic facial treatments. Botox injectables have been clinically proven as a generally safe and effective way to help eliminate or reduce fine lines, wrinkles, forehead creases, and crow’s feet to make your skin smooth and radiant

Hyaluronic Fillers

Time: 60 minute

Injections of hyaluronic acid can soften fine lines and creases and restore fullness to the skin and effectiveness have made it the most common filler used in cosmetic facial procedures.

Medical Micro Needling

Time: 30 minute 

Per national guidelines. Will be provided essential at cost for patient’s convenience.

Refectory Pain Services


Time: 30 minute 

Forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, smile lines, lip / chin / neck lines, etc

TMJ (Clenched Jaw)

Time: 60 minute

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Spastic limbs

Time: 30 minute 

Refractory Contracted Muscles

Non-Member Services

Non-member Walk-in Check Up

Acute or walk-in or scheduled primary care visits.

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You're taking multiple Medications


 If you’re taking multiple medications and paying with insurance for all of them, your co-pays are probably stacking up. Direct primary care practices frequently dispense common medications directly from their offices, so you won’t need to do an extra trip to the pharmacy. Plus, your DPC doctor will purchase these medications at wholesale prices from a free-market vendor like Andameds or Henry Schein, and they pass those savings through to you. Some practices add a small markup (say, 10%), others sell these medications at cost. The value of this service depends on which medications you’re taking. Often your insurance provider will only cover a drug from a particular drug manufacturer, or they’ll require you to use a brand-name version even though a cheaper generic is on the market. If that’s the case you can easily be paying hundreds of dollars a month on medications—money you could save as a DPC member.

You get Injured


If you get in an accident, break a bone, need stitches, or require emergency medical care of any sort, you’ll probably go to an urgent care or the emergency room. Going to either of these is a surefire way to drain your pocketbook. In the best base scenario, the urgent care center is in your insurance network and you pay a high co-pay—up to $100 in some cases. But that’s only if you’re lucky. Insurance coverage of emergency care is spotty at best, and urgent care centers are known to mislead patients regarding the true costs of care. Even if you verify multiple times that your insurance will cover your care, you can still get hit with big bills. Often urgent cares don’t know if you’re insurance is actually valid, or they’ll intentionally mislead you.
Emergency rooms are even worse: you’ll often have to pay a co-pay of $1000 or more just to get seen, PLUS the cost of any additional scans or treatments. There are dozens of horror stories online about unwitting patients who we’re financially ruined by insane ER bills they thought we’re covered by insurance. One bad day can cost you thousands of dollars—enough to cover years of a DPC membership. As a DPC patient, you know exactly who to call when you need help.

You care about your health


If you’re on an insurance plan named after a precious metal, you shouldn’t be. Health insurance companies have been over-reaching for years—to read more about this, check out our essay on the healthcare crisis. Even the cheapest health plan your employer offers covers WAY more than it should, so don’t get conned out of more money by picking a low-deductible “Platinum” plan.
As a DPC patient, the majority of your healthcare will be taken care of by your DPC doctor. All standard care, wound treatment, blood work, preventative screens, and physicals will either be included in your membership or provided at a fair price by your doctor. If your DPC doctor isn’t equipped to deal with a medical issue, it’s probably serious. And if it’s serious, then you’ll very likely hit your out-of-pocket maximum (OOP). (This OOP is what it sounds like: the maximum amount you can possibly spend on healthcare before your insurance plan starts footing 100$ of the bill.)
Here’s the thing: the OOP for the cheapest and most expensive plans don’t vary that much. Aetna’s cheapest plan costs roughly $600 per year and has an OOP of $6650. Their most expensive plan costs $4200/year with an OOP of $4000. That means you’d be paying a guaranteed $3600 extra dollars ($4200 – $600) to avoidthe small chance of paying an extra $2650 (6650 – 4000) on your healthcare. That doesn’t make sense! Unless you’re expecting to suffer a major health crisis every 9 months, you’ll be better off on a cheaper plan. Otherwise, just join a DPC practice and take the cheapest insurance you can find!

You’re overpaying for insurance


Here’s the thing: direct primary care is the best game in town when it comes to healthcare. Think of it this way: before DPC, only movie stars and the super-rich were able to afford a personal doctor who works tirelessly to keep them healthy. To keep a personal doctor on staff costs around thousands of dollars per month. The rest of us had to a) wait until we were sick before talking to a doctor, then b) schedule a visit weeks in advance just to c) spend 10 minutes with a doctor we’d never met.
With DPC, everyone can have a personal doctor on speed dial for a shockingly low amount. Having a medical expert at hand to answer questions, keep track of your preventative screenings, advise on your diet and lifestyle, and actually care about your happiness was simply not possible before. Now it is. By splitting hairs over tens of dollars per month, you’re missing out on the best deal in healthcare.

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elevated image health clinic


Elevated Image Health Clinic is an innovative, insurance free, direct primary care (DPC) and wellness practice located in Renton, WA.

We offer a low, monthly membership that gives you free clinic visits, unlimited 24/7 text/chat support, and access to the best prices on tests, services, and many medications.

We also provide Botox injectable for cosmetic purposes and pain management such as migraine, TMJ and muscle contractures.

 Visit us and find out if Elevated Image Health Clinic is right for you.

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Dr. Joshua Le, Do primary care physician at Elevated Image Health Clinic

Dr Joshua Le, DO

Dr. Joshua Le, DO is a board-certified physician with an in-depth knowledge and diverse background in medicine. He is experienced with in-patient clinical practice, out-patient home care, hospitalized care, and critical illness care for patients on life support

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