Terms & Conditions

For Adults who needs home visits for status such as bed bound, wheelchair bound, medically complex such as requiring tracheostomy/ventilator/infusions, daily/continuous nursing care… or by personal preference.

You agree to be charged on a recurring basis for the term set out by Elevated Direct Primary Care. In the event that your payment fails, you and Elevated Direct Primary Care will be notified. Fresha will attempt to take payment for the membership the day before it expires, and if it fails, again after 24 hours, 48 hours and finally after 4 days. If all of these payments fail, your membership will automatically cancel.

This model only works if we build a small to moderate manageable panel of very conscientious patients who value personalized care and relationship with their physician. No charge if for visits within King County. 50$ per visit for outside of King County and within reasonable driving distance.